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Forums Rules

Post by OnLashoc » Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:12 pm

Please note that these rules can and will change without notice.

1. No p*rn. Reasonably subtile images are allow, but may be removed and action taken at the Site Administrations discetion.

2. No spamming. Post / link / message / email it once and leave it. Repetition will determine punishment, and may result in loss of posting privilages up to banishment from site and game services.

3. Harrassment will not be tolerated. Debates will happen, however Site Administration reserves the right to determine if posts, images, private messages, etc. are harrassing in nature and may take action against the offender.

4. No account sharing / smurfing. All registered members of the site may have one account, and may only access his/her own registered account at ANY given time. Any persons caught account sharing may result in banishment from the site and game services.

5. No tampering, hacking, or phishing of any kind will be tolerated. Doing so will result in banishment from the site and game services, and will be aggressively pursued to the furthest legal extent.

6. No inappropriate / tasteless use of profanity. People curse and swear, it's human nature to do so. We do not endorse the use of profanity, however we understand some times emotions run hot. Some people use profanity as if it were a second language. We will use our best judgement to manage profanity, and deal with it on a case by case basis.

7. No posting, messaging, emailing, or linking illegal, copyrighted, or otherwise registered intellectual property without express permission from the legal protected entities. In other words, do not use this site as a means to share or circumvent legal ways of ownership or access to said material. Violators will be reported to respective authorities, and banished from this site and game services.

8. No posting, linking, messaging, or emailing hacks, trainers, or aimbots, or any kind of artificial assistance. Yes we want to know what people are doing to gain an advantage over other players so that we may prevent such use in our network, however, report said issues to site administration via the contact page. Using the site to share said information can and will be grounds for banishment from this site and game services.

9. Avatars may not exceed 64 x 64 px and 20kb in size, Forum Signatures may not exceed 400w x 140h. No flashing animations as to avoid issues with anyone that has a history of seizures. Signatures determined to be harassing in nature will be removed, and repetitive violation of these restrictions may resault in banishment from the site and game services.

10. No culturally insensitive, racist, religious, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate topics, or responses allowed. Again, Site Administration reserves the right and discretion to determine if something is over the line of tolerance and may result in the loss of posting privileges. Repetitive violations may result in banishment from the site and game services. We will do our best to be tolerable, but if we deem it's just too far or insentive, we will act. We welcome open communication and the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, however, respect, tact and taste must be used liberally.

Thank you for your strict adherance to these rules!


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